Route 26

Racó De Sa Pujada – Es Ram


50 min.


2,4 Km.


87 m.



Route 26 covers rough terrain, making it more suitable for walkers than for cyclists, unless, of course, you are used to cycling on difficult, inaccessible land. Leave Racó de Sa Pujada and gradually climb upwards; after crossing the main road the path heads downwards through a wooded area with pine trees and junipers as far as the sea. When you reach Es Ram you’ll be surprised by a panoramic view over the opposite end of the island, Es Cap. If you look carefully, you will be able to see its tiny lighthouse. In Es Ram you will also be able to see the boatyards that they have built for taking boats out of the sea and storing them in dry dock. The wooden guides are known as “escars” and are used for sliding the boats up and down. They sometimes have roofs made of branches and wood to protect the boats from the sun and rain.

Walk a little further in an eastward direction and you’ll come to Es Caló des Mort, an adorable little cove with space for just a few lucky bathers.

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