Route 12

Es Cap – Torrent De S’Alga


10 min.


30 min.


1,8 Km.


38 m.



Just two kilometres of track running perpendicular to the Es Cap road will take you to one of the least known and most special spots on the island: Torrent de S’Alga. Starting from the Es Cap crossroads, go towards Camí de Can Parra along a road with numerous dry stone walls. This characteristic zig-zag road gives you the feeling that you are seeing something new around every bend. It also serves as a flood gully because it has a slight but steady gradient that drains water out towards the sea.

Eventually you’ll reach the Torrent de S’Alga which has well-kept dry docks where fishermen protect their small boats from the waves and rain. You’ll notice the dry bare branches of the juniper trees embedded in the rocks alongside the sea. This is where fishermen hang their catches out to dry by impaling them on the wooden structures. This traditional technique was used by fishermen to preserve their catches for year-round consumption. Once dry, the fish is toasted on the fire, crumbled and preserved in glass jars with olive oil where it becomes “peix sec”, the star ingredient of “pagesa salad”. It can be tasted in many of the island’s restaurants.