Astrotourism in Formentera

Astronomy in Formentera Starlight destination

Known for its crystalline waters and paradisiacal beaches, it is at night that Formentera reveals its most striking aspect: millions of stars and planets shine in a warm, dark sky, beckoning you to look up and admire the Milky Way, the Perseids and the other astronomical phenomena that occur throughout the year.

In May 2023 Formentera was certified as a Starlight Tourist Destination, becoming one of the few places in the world where the low level of light pollution makes it possible to observe the stars clearly. Through this certification, the Starlight Foundation distinguishes destinations that have optimal qualities for stargazing and that are particularly suitable for carrying out tourism activities related to the sky: Starlight Tourism or Astrotourism.

If you like stargazing, you are sure to be dazzled by Formentera

In 2019 the Formentera Astronomical Association (AAF) was founded, a non-profit organisation that promotes the study and public awareness of the cosmos through observation, education and astrophotography. www.astronomiaformentera.com

You can observe the sky at any time of year: galaxies are best seen in spring, star clusters in summer and nebulae in autumn or winter, and the planets have their own cycle that does not depend on the seasons. The Milky Way is best seen from March to October.


Formentera stands out for its low level of light pollution and its infrastructure (e.g. hotels, houses, street lighting, etc.) are very well integrated into the night-time nature, which allows you to observe the stars from almost any point on the island. Even so, there are areas that are particularly attractive for Astrotourism. We invite you to discover them.


1. La Mola
2. Es Caló des Mort
3. Playa de Mitgjorn
4. Cap de Barbaría
5. Punta Rasa
6. Acantilados de Cala Saona
7. Can Marroig
8. Punta Prima

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