Route 30

El Pilar De La Mola – Es Monestir


15 min.


45 min.


2,7 Km.


60 m.



The starting point for this route is the square known as Pilar de La Mola, where you’ll find a small church dedicated to the Virgen del Pilar. It is a simple, narrow parish church that was completed in 1784, in response to the many requests made by the inhabitants of La Mola since 1760. This is a unique church whose porch shelters the inner door. It was declared a site of cultural interest in the historic complex category in 1996.

This pleasant route starts off along a countryside road, with isolated homes and two typical cisterns that were used to store rainwater, an essential invention on a small island without rivers or other sources of fresh water. These are rectangular cisterns with barrel vaults. The openings are protected by a chapel, another of the characteristic features of this island landscape. Many of the cisterns date back to the 18th century. This bucolic journey ends at the coast, close to Punta des Llençó, from where you can see the eastern part of the neighbouring island of Ibiza.

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