Flora and fauna

Punta de Sa Creu Marine Reserve

Fishing in the Punta de Sa Creu Marine Reserve

What do I have to do?

  • Have a recreational fishing permit for a boat.
  • Obtain the authorisation to fish from a boat in the Marine Reserve.
  • Declare catches.


  • All types of sea fishing and shellfishing between the coastline and a depth of 10 metres are prohibited.
  • In recreational fishing from a boat, the only gear permitted are rod and line (max. 1 line per fisherman), jig (max.1 line with two jigs per fisherman) and surface trolling (max. 2 lines per boat).
  • Recreational fishing and shellfishing can only be practiced from a boat from 1 July to 31 March.
  • Under no circumstances may live fish or cephalopods be used as bait.

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