Traditional cuisine, native products, local wine and great taste.

Formentera’s typical cuisine is closely linked to the traditional way of life, strongly influenced by the link with the sea and rainfed agriculture. It is characterised by an almost absolute dependence on local products, due to the isolation of the Pityusic islands.

This shortage of products, combined with creativity and the use of high quality produce (such as fish), has given rise to traditional recipes such as: the farmer’s salad (with Peix sec (dried fish)), Frit de polp (fried octopus), Sofrit pagès (with meat and potatoes), Calamars a la bruta (fried squid in its own ink) or Bullit de Peix (fish stew with potatoes).

The most characteristic sweets or desserts are Flaó (fresh cheese cake with mint), les Orelletes (aniseed sweet) and Greixonera (ensaimada pudding).

Where to buy local product?

Where to buy local product?

All of them
Fruits and vegetables
Market & Supermarket

1. Agroform

+34 686 235 527
Open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 2pm and from 5pm to 9pm

Vegetables of km zero, very close to Sant Ferran

2. Ca Na Platera’s Olive Oil

Oil produced with olives from Can Toni de na Platera, in Can Parra. They have three varieties of olive (arbequina, picual, and cornicabra) and produce two types of oil. Contact:

3. Can Jaume d’en Carlos

660 143 099

Products from the garden, vegetables.

4. Can Vicent Puig’s Olive Oil

De 09 a 13 h

Artisan production of olive oil, the base of wich is picual olive. Direct sale at venda de sa Talaiassa 5154. La Mola. Contact:

5. Comestibles Verdera

Carretera de Porto-salè. Porto-salè

6. És Bàsic Supermarket – Sant Ferran

Carrer de Joan Castelló Guasch, 32. Sant Ferran

7. És Bàsic Supermarket – Sant Francesc

Carrer de Sant Joan, 35. Sant Francesc

8. Es Caló Supermarket

Carrer de Francesc Aragó, 9. Es Caló

9. Es Cap Supermarket

Carretera des Cap de Barbaria. Es Cap

10. Farmer Market

Open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm.

Abierto de lunes a sábados de 9 a 14 h.

11. Federico Fish Market

+34 971 32 20 62

Av. del Pla del Rei, 71. Sant Francesc

12. Formentera Market

Carretera de la Mola. Es Caló

13. La Savina Supermarket

+34 971 322 191

Sale of Formentera lamb in the butcher's shop inside. All year round according to availability. Av. Mediterránea, 31

14. Marí Rivares Fish Market

+34 971 32 35 98

Av. de Porto-Salè, 23. Sant Francesc

15. Ntra. Sra. del Carmen Fish Market

+34 971 32 24 09

C. de Santa María, 25. Sant Francesc

16. Ofiusa Supermarket

Carretera de la Mola, km 6. Sant Ferran

17. Peix sec (dry fish)

+34 616 197 882

Made in a traditional way with a unique flavor. It is made with cartilaginous fish sun dried, salted and packaged with organic olive oil.

18. Pla del Rei – Can Forn Supermarket

Carrer des Pla del Rei, 61. Sant Francesc

19. Rafalet Supermarket

Carrer de sa Pujada, 1. Es Caló

20. Sa Botiga Supermarket

Carrer de Joan Castelló Guasch. Sant Ferran

21. Sa Tanca des clot, Olive Oil

Olive oil from Can Pep de n’Agustí obtained only by mechanical procedures. Contact:

22. San Francisco Butcher’s

+34 618 972 978
Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 2pm and from 5pm to 8.30 pm, Saturday from 8am to 3pm

Production and sale of organic vegetables (Finca Cas Bal·let, es Ca Marí). Sale of chicken and lamb from Formentera all year round, pork and spicy pork sausage “sobrassada” of the island only in winter.

23. Ses Clotades Rural

+34 618 190 317

Vegetables and fruits. Direct sale on the road to Es Arenals (detour on the main road km 11).

24. Supermercado Avenida

Avinguda de la Mola, 1. El Pilar de la Mola

25. Toni Supermarket

Carrer de Berenguer Renart, s/n. Sant Francesc

26. Wine cellar of Cap de Barbaria

+34 647 707 572

Vineyards located at Cap de Barbaria, producers of two varieties of wines. Visits and wine tastings by appointment.

27. Wine cellar of Terramoll

+34 971 327 293

Vineyards located in the highlands of La Mola with limited productions of organic wines. Visitings and wine tastings by appointment.