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Es Freus Marine Reserve

The second largest protected marine area in the Spanish Mediterranean.

The Freus Marine Reserve of Ibiza and Formentera was created in 1999 with the aim of protecting ecosystems, preventing habitat degradation and recovering and repopulating endangered species and areas.

It is located between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera and covers the southern tip of Ibiza, the northwest of Formentera and the space that separates them. This marine strip is characterised by small islets (Porcs, Penjats, Espalmador, Castaví, etc.), remnants of a geological past when the two islands were joined together. In 2015, the boundaries of the Reserve were extended. You can see an updated map here.

The Freus Marine Reserve, with an area of 13,617 marine hectares, is the second largest protected marine area in the Spanish Mediterranean, after the Migjorn de Majorca reserve. It ranges from shallow areas to depths of more than 60 metres and is home to a wide variety of underwater landscapes, most notably the Posidonia meadows (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Underwater fishing is strictly forbidden throughout the reserve.

The special protection zone or integral reserve is located on the eastern slope of the islet of S’Espardell. It has an area of about 4 km² and is delimited by a series of buoys in the following positions:

  • l = 38º 48´41´´N L = 01º 27´54´´E
  • l = 38º 48´41´´N L = 01º 29´23´´E
  • l = 38º 46´53´´N L = 01º 28´54´´E
  • l = 38º 46´53´´N L = 01º 29´33´´E

The anchoring of boats, underwater fishing, all forms of sport fishing and scuba diving are strictly forbidden throughout this area.

Currently, in order to dive within the marine reserve, it is necessary to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (telephone +34 971176100). More information here:

For information on fishing permits you can call +34 971321087 (ext 3410) or send an email to pesca@conselldeformentera.cat

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