La Savina

Connection point for all residents and visitors

At the western end of the island is the port of La Savina, an unavoidable stopover for visitors as this is where all the boats from Ibiza dock. This port extends from the Estany des Peix to Sa Sequi.

This small port was created at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, with the aim of offering the owners of the boats moored in the Estany des Peix an alternative place to shelter. Over the years it became a key point for exporting the salt that was collected on the island and all kinds of infrastructure was developed for its transport. Today all these facilities have been converted to focus on tourism and the port is the main point of entry of supplies for the whole island.

As it is the point of connection for all residents and visitors, in summer it is very common to find a constant hustle and bustle of people coming and going. Several shipping companies dock here and have various routes to keep the island connected throughout the day. Exceptionally, bad weather can interrupt these services, especially in the winter months.

After disembarking in this charming port you will find its renovated maritime station where you can book tickets or have a snack. Next to it, there is a large marina where you can moor private boats or rent them to enjoy a day’s sailing in the waters of Formentera. If you follow the promenade bordering the port you will find various establishments renting all kinds of vehicles from the early hours of the morning. There are also several bars and restaurants where you can have a drink while enjoying the atmosphere of the port. Behind all these buildings are the dykes that protect La Savina from sea storms.

If you keep walking through the port you will find more car rental establishments, restaurants, hotels, etc., but the most charming feature of the town is its small hippie market that opens its doors every afternoon.

The image of the port is completed with the remains of the old dyke that occupy the southeastern end of the harbour, where a beautiful bicycle route to the Natural Park begins. And to round off the day, there’s nothing better than watching the sunset on the west side of the harbour, the best way to say farewell to the island before leaving.

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