El Pilar de la Mola

A charming, quiet and welcoming town

With the exception of Wednesdays and Sundays from October to May, El Pilar de la Mola is probably the quietest town on the island.

Its prime location at the top of the Mola plateau makes it the most isolated town, although on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons from May to October, its craft market makes it the island’s main attraction for visitors and residents.

To get to El Pilar, simply follow the main road climbing the more than 100 metres of altitude of this part of the island surrounded by cliffs. Once at the top, you will cross a small forest and then be able to admire the wide open countryside that extends across the plateau. A few kilometres further on is the town, a quiet place where you can enjoy a relaxing break along the way. During the summer months, the peace and quiet of this place is very different from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the island.

The town of Pilar de la Mola spreads out on both sides of the main road. At the end of the town, you can find the church of Pilar, built in the 18th century to meet the spiritual needs of this isolated community. Beyond the town, there is a multitude of dry stone walls bordering the fields whose main crop is the grapes used to make the typical local wines.

In addition to various restaurants and bars and the odd craft workshop, the other great attraction of Pilar de la Mola is its well-known craft market, which is held every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon (from 4 pm to 9 pm) from May to October. It originated from a private initiative of various artists and craftspeople and currently struggles to maintain its original purpose: to display, sell and promote local craftsmanship. It is not a very large venue, but it is the ideal place to buy a unique work of art and meet its creator in person. You can find authentic works of art and samples of traditional or local handicrafts: baskets, espadrilles, jewellery, textiles, glass works, ceramics, leather, paintings and works made by artists living on the island. This experience will also be enriched by the live music of artists who stop over on the island to liven up the evenings of the market. A truly authentic experience that transcends the idea of a conventional street market.

A visit to this town would not be complete without a visit to its famous lighthouse located a few kilometres along the main road. This is where the road ends and where you can see breathtaking views of the spectacular cliffs. In the past they were the inspiration for the renowned French writer Jules Verne, who set his novel Hector Servadac in Formentera, and for this reason at this point on the island you will find a monument in his honour.

There are those who refer to La Mola as “an island within an island”, due to its different landscape and strong personality. Route 32 offers you the possibility of understanding the true meaning of this statement, while enjoying the most authentic and unique part of the island, far from the summer tourist bustle; Formentera as it used to be. With a length of more than 12 kilometres, this route is the longest of the 32 green routes on Formentera.

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