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Es Cap de Barbaria

One of Formentera’s major landmarks

The view of a desert-like landscape, a narrow road, the distant lighthouse in the middle and the blue of the sea in the background are elements that are an intrinsic part of collective cinematographic imagery.

The lighthouse at the centre of this photograph taken by Julio Medem in the film “Lucía y el sexo” is that of Es Cap de Barbaria, located in the southwest corner of the island.

Es Cap de Barbaria is the southernmost rocky outcrop of the island and of the Balearic Islands as a whole, being the geographical point closest to the coast of Africa. The Es Cap de Barbaria lighthouse presides over this breathtaking vertical cliff 100 metres above sea level.

The vegetation in this area is dry and sparse, capable of withstanding the strong winds that buffet the cliff. In the vicinity of the lighthouse there are two more points worth a visit: La Cova Foradada, a cave leading to a very special viewpoint. To visit this cave, you have to enter through a hole in the ground. We recommend taking special care when visiting this site.

The other point of interest is about 150 metres to the west: the Des Garroveret Tower; one of the watchtowers scattered along the Pityusic coastline whose construction began in the 18th century in order to watch out for the possible appearance of Saracen pirate ships. To warn of the sighting of one of these ships, the watchmen or guards sent up smoke signals from the towers.

Returning to Cap de Barbaria, this is an ideal spot to contemplate the sunset over the enchanting islet of Es Vedrá. It is also a place where one can enjoy sensations of immense solitude and freedom.

It can be reached by green routes 8, 10 and 11, which also pass through the prehistoric sites of Cap de Barbaria.

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