Ideal to relax and enjoy a landscape almost devoid of buildings.

The fame of Illetes may overshadow the other beaches that make up the Natural Park of Eivissa and Formentera, but the neighbouring Llevant beach is just as impressive.

As its name suggests, this beach faces east and occupies the entire coast of the Trucadors peninsula on the opposite side from Illetes. In some stretches, the two beaches are separated by just fifty metres and you can move from one beach to the other with no difficulty or just spread out your towel between the two and enjoy the best of both coasts.

This beach also has a length of 1,450 metres with the fine white sand and crystal clear blue waters typical of Formentera. Its average width is approximately 90 metres. Some areas have rocky outcrops creating sheltered corners. The beach borders on Ses Canyes beach to the south and Punta des Trucadors to the north. Its extensive dune system, with an abundance of footbridges to cross it, and the small Llevant forest, separate the beach from the salt ponds, thus completing this incredible natural environment of high ecological value.

One of the advantages of this place is that it provides perfect shelter from the wind when it blows from the east. However, the prevailing winds throughout the summer are generally from the west, directly affecting this beach, but are usually light and cause little wave action.

It is so similar to the Illetes beach that it is generally chosen by those who want to avoid the crowds of the latter. Llevant is ideal to relax and enjoy a landscape virtually devoid of buildings. There are just one or two beach bars where you can enjoy a meal by the sea without having to leave the beach. The views towards the east coast of Formentera in the distance and its large extensions of sand make it a superb spot for any summer day or for long walks during the winter.

Like the other beaches in the natural park, you have to pay a fee to enter by car or motorbike, but it is worth it if you want to discover the more peaceful side of this protected area. If you wish to do so, just follow the road bordering the Estany Pudent from La Savina and you will find the various access roads that lead to it.

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