Get to know the coast of Formentera by kayak

Kayaking, the “Hunter’s Boat” in Inuit, is a 4,000-year-old sailing discipline of Eskimo origin that has evolved into a sport practiced by millions of people.

It is an ideal sport to start at sea, allowing gradual progression up to the proposed level with absolute safety.

A mild climate throughout the year and its accessible terrain make Formentera the perfect place for kayaking at different levels, as the routes can be adapted to beginners, families with children or to the requirements of the most experienced sportsmen and women.

The island has various marinas with great technical, tourist and safety experience. You can choose to row a few kilometres in easy stages stopping off at paradisiacal beaches or go on longer routes to see the rockiest, most rugged and mysterious face of Formentera, satisfying both the more athletic side of this activity and the traveller’s desire to discover the stories that have shaped the character of the smallest of the Pityusic islands and its inhabitants.

In the port of La Savina, you can find:

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