Route 4

Sant Francesc – Ses Escoles – Can Marroig


20 min.


60 min.


3,9 Km.


39 m.



This peaceful route runs from the central town of Sant Francesc Xavier to the Can Marroig Interpretation Centre. Leave from Port-salè Avenue and make your way to the Estany des Peix. This little lake with a small opening to the sea is an ideal place for taking part in and learning water sports. There are also small beaches with shallow water which is warmer than the temperature of the sea, making them ideal for spending an afternoon on the beach with the kids.

Follow the road that circles the lake as far as Can Marroig. This building was acquired by Majorca-born Antoni Marroig at the end of the 19th century. He introduced the innovative crop irrigation systems. It now houses a centre that offers visitors information and educational activities on the subject of the protected natural environment. The estate was refurbished and opened to the public in 2011. It was awarded the Sustainable Construction Prize of Castile and Leon. Enjoy the shade under the pines and junipers or take advantage of the available facilities to tuck into a picnic with your family.