Route 8

Sant Francesc – Ses Bardetes – Far De Barbaria


60 min.


165 min.


9,6 Km.


73 m.



An almost desert landscape, a narrow road, a far-off lighthouse in the centre against the blue backdrop of the sea, are part of our collective film imagination. The lighthouse that was shot by Julio Medem in his movie “Lucia y el Sexo” is the one at Es Cap de Barbaria at the south-eastern tip of the island. This route starts at Sant Francesc and heads south.

After leaving the town, you will walk through rural Formentera with its almond groves, vineyards and fig trees divided by dry stone walls. The final stretch passes through a forested area that abruptly changes into an arid landscape. The far end of Es Cap is dry and rocky, with low scrub formed by rosemary, fennel and thyme. You’ll be surprised to learn that this area was once a forest, before all the trees were cut down to make charcoal. The lighthouse stands in the distance. Once you reach it, off to the right you will see the entrance to the well-known cave that also appears in Medem’s film, with gorgeous sea views. On a clear day, the mountainous coast of mainland Spain is visible.

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