Route 7

Sant Francesc – Ses Bardetes – Cala Saona


20 min.


65 min.


3,7 Km.


54 m.



This route is an alternative to the most direct road from Sant Francesc Xavier to Cala Saona. If you head south from the town, you’ll find the road that leads to Ses Bardetes. Leaving this area behind, head west along dirt roads through areas full of kitchen gardens, pine and juniper forests and farmland, until you reach Cala Saona beach. This is a pleasant walk past typical, traditional houses surrounded by characteristic dry stone walls. These traditional walls, built by hand by the people of Formentera of yesteryear, were multifunctional structures that marked the borders of land, protected crops from the wind and acted as a natural barrier to stop livestock from escaping. The stones used to build the walls were gathered when the farmers cleared the land to prepare it for crops.

Your journey will end in Cala Saona, where deep turquoise water contrasts with the red rocks.