Route 9

Es Cap – Punta Rasa


10 min.


30 min.


2,2 Km.


35 m.



This unique excursion will take you along the western side of Es Cap. It is a short trip that provides glimpses of numerous facets of Formentera. In just a few steps you’ll see contrasting landscapes; rural, forested inland areas and rocky, arid, maritime seascapes.

The first part of your journey will take you through dry-farmed fields, most of them producing crops for consumption by the local families that own them. You’ll see the odd fig tree, with branches propped up by poles. This feature is unique to Formentera and its purpose was to create small shady areas for livestock to shelter under and to make fig-picking easier. Es Cap can make you feel as though time stood still just before tourism took off on the island. As you approach your destination, your surroundings will change: the green countryside disappears and the red rocks of Punta Rasa take their place. The panoramic view from the rocky cliffs is breath-taking. Before you, the islet of Es Vedra and Ibiza; to your right, Cala Saona with its typical boats and its white, sandy beach. An excursion full of contrasts to entertain any walker.