Route 27

El Pilar De La Mola – S’Estufador – Es Ram


85 min.


4,2 Km.


85 m.



This path is just four kilometres long and runs through a wooded area which is surprisingly unusual in some places. This walk will not only take you away from the tourist trail, but will also show you a lot of interesting spots in just one excursion. Leaving from the Pilar de La Mola church, we will start walking through a flat area surrounded by farmland. Keep walking through the woods, which are very uneven, and you will see a number of natural gullies that carry rainwater down to the sea. As you leave the dense Mediterranean forest that is typical of the La Mola plateau, you will reach S’Estufador. The landscape changes to shades of brown and to haphazardly shaped sandstone rocks. This material was of great traditional importance. Limestone erodes very easily and is easy to manipulate, which is why it was used as a building material on the island before more modern options became available in the 20th century.

If you keep walking parallel to the sea, you will come to a narrow path, just wide enough for one person, which will take you as far as Es Ram.