Route 31

El Pilar De La Mola – Sa Cala


8 min.


20 min.


1,5 Km.


16 m.



This route runs through agricultural land: dry stone walls, livestock and traditional homes can be seen all along the way. There are also vineyards, water tanks and cisterns. Finally, the path will take you to the northern coast of the La Mola plateau, affording views of Ibiza, the island of Espalmador (the natural prolongation of the north-eastern tip of Formentera and the islets of Espardell and Espardelló.

To add the finishing touch to your day out why not visit on a Wednesday or a Sunday when there is an arts and crafts market between four in the afternoon and sundown. It is a popular meeting point for craftsmen who are striving to keep the original spirit of this market that was founded in 1984 alive. The idea is to exhibit, sell and promote local crafts and to make an alternative lifestyle a reality. This unique event also features live music, giving it a festive, cheerful atmosphere that you won’t want to miss.