Route 29

El Pilar De La Mola – Far De La Mola


10 min.


35 min.


2,8 Km.


24 m.



The most direct way to get from Pilar de La Mola to the lighthouse without using the main road is by taking Route 29. This route takes walkers one hundred years back in time because of the rustic character of the rural landscape, the presence of livestock and the pleasant surprise of coming across a house on the left of the road that is listed as an architectural heritage site. Its original features are in perfect condition, the entrance porch, its thick walls and small windows, its dry stone walls with perfect 90º angles… The height of simplicity, it is a superb example of the use of natural materials that are characteristic of traditional architecture.

The road runs between fields until you reach the La Mola lighthouse at the eastern end of the island on the edge of a cliff. Many visitors believe that this is a magical place, as if it were a lighthouse at the end of the world. Alongside it you will find a monolith in honour of author Jules Verne who mentioned both the island and the lighthouse in his work, “Hector Servadac, Travels and Adventures through the Solar System”. An amazing visual panorama from the cliffs of La Mola is the final flourish to this unforgettable walk.