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Welcome to Formentera

Visitors to our island have always met with a warm welcome, and in a year as intense and unusual as this one, we want that to continue. By its very nature, Formentera has always been a place where keeping a safe distance is easy: our 69 kilometres of coastline make it possible to get away from the crowds and find oneself, finding nature, peace and quiet at the same time. This year with the public health crisis, keeping one’s distance is more than just an option, it’s an imperative for each one of us.

The people of Formentera showed immense responsibility during the months of confinement, and such responsibility was on display as well during the easing of restrictions that followed, laying the groundwork for the island’s gradual reopening to the outside world. Every day overnight accommodations and restaurants work to follow hygiene protocol and make distancing guidelines as pleasant as possible. This is why we ask that each one of our visitors takes their part of personal responsibility; with your help, we can make Formentera a place everyone can continue to enjoy. So we ask you: “Protect Formentera, for you and for everyone!”

It’s the slogan of a campaign which uses simple visual aids to educate tourists and remind residents about the four basic rules this summer amid the public health crisis:

  1. Masks required
  2. Individuals from different households must respect 1.5-metre physical distancing
  3. Wash or sanitise hands frequently

Covid-19 cases have been rare on Formentera, but we can’t afford to let our guard down. Overnight establishments, restaurants and tradespeople at large are working to abide by safety protocol. And security forces, lifeguards and public information agents are working together to secure order, so always follow their instructions.

Our island’s beaches are among the most popular places here, and in general, the same guidelines apply there as in other public spaces: namely, wearing a mask when safe distances can’t be kept, washing or sanitising hands frequently and limiting groups to no more than 10. Remember, there are plenty of beaches and coastline to be visited on Formentera. If you find yourself in a place where keeping a safe distance isn’t possible, go to a different beach. You’ll find an array of options on our website,

Following basic public health guidelines is easy, and if we do it, we can enjoy all the activities and experiences that our island has to offer: walking, exercise, nature, gastronomy, diving, peace and quiet. We encourage you to have a look at our website and find the option that best suits your preferences.

In matters of public health, Formentera’s hospital operates in harmony with protocols set out by authorities, and conducts rapid-result PCR testing for any individual who experiences symptoms. The Balearic government has facilities where patients can self-isolate, and offers necessary services for asymptomatic individuals who have tested positive. Symptomatic patients, for their part, are transferred to the appropriate hospital on Eivissa.

Your European Health Insurance Card is valid on Formentera, but contact authorities back home before coming so they can help you validate it.

Steps to follow if you display covid-19 symptoms

Knowing how to respond makes us better equipped to deal with the situations that can arise these days, and better equipped to assist those close to us. If you have symptoms (fever, cough and trouble breathing), follow these steps.


Self-isolate in a single-occupancy daylighted room (with individual toilet, if possible) and keep the door closed. If this isn’t possible, practise 2-metre physical distancing with the other people in your household and follow strict hygiene protocol pending instructions from health authorities.


Speak with reception or the contact person where you’re staying. They will be able to provide you with all the necessary information.


It is very important you follow the instructions provided by health authorities and the people at your overnight lodging.

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 3.00pm
900 101 863

902 079 079       971 437 079

Help the environment by using reusable masks whenever possible. And if your mask is single use, recycle it properly.


“Protect Formentera, for you and for everyone!”