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DefinedSave Posidonia Project 2018

Save Posidonia Project 2018

    What is the Save Posidonia Project?

    The Save Posidonia Project is a pioneering project in the western Mediterranean that the Island Council of Formentera is using to promote sustainable tourism and launch an action plan to raise funds for the conservation of the Posidonia oceanica sea grass species. The aim is to raise awareness of the vital importance of Posidonia to Formentera now and for future generations.

    Did you know what is the largest and long-lived living being in the world? 

    The balearic Posidonia meadows is the largest and long-lived living being in the world. It has 8km long and 100.000 years old. Posidonia oceanica is a marine plant rather than a type of seaweed. It has roots, stems, leaves, fruits and flowers. It grows in meadows at depths of up to 40 metres in high quality waters like those around Formentera. It is a species endemic to the Mediterranean and in 1999 the meadows in the Ses Salines d’Eivissa i Formentera Natural Park were declared World Heritage Sites. 

    Posidonia represents one of the island’s most important natural treasures as it performs an important role in filtering sediments creating uniquely clear waters and contributing to the quality and oxygenation of the underwater ecosystem, providing a food source and breeding ground for more than 400 species of marine plants and 1000 species of marine animals, many of them used in Balearic cuisine. Additionally, the Posidonia verges on the beacheshelp prevent erosion.

    Sponsor square metres of Posidonia

    The island of Formentera and the islets of Espalmador and Espardell are surrounded by 76.5 million m2 of Posidonia meadows. 

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    Are you going to help us protect the Posidonia?