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The island

Formentera is the smallest inhabited island in the Balearic Islands (Spain). It is located just 2 nautical miles south of the island of Ibiza (around 3 kilometres), though the distance between the ports of Ibiza and La Savina (Formentera) is 12 miles (19.3 km). 

Despite being a small island (83.2 km2), its jagged shape gives it a very long coast (69 km) in proportion to its surface, with many beaches, numerous coves and solitary corners where you can lose yourself. The island is small but accessible and comfortable. The majority of the island can be covered by bicycle, along the greenways, through the pine and juniper forests, and across the rural inland. For longer routes, there is road access for cars or motorbikes. 

The island of Formentera stands out for its great environmental beauty and for its still wild landscape of dunes and beaches, preserved in excellent condition. Upon landing in Formentera, we breathe in that characteristic air of tranquillity and are immediately captivated by the transparent turquoise waters that evoke tropical climes. 

Map of Formentera

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