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Climate and geography

The island

    The island has a characteristic Mediterranean climate, falling within the mild-warm temperature variety, and the Levantine-Balearic sub-variety: warm and dry, with over 300 days of sun each year. Dry summers, warm winters and little rain are typical of our climate. Furthermore, Formentera’s small size and the low-variability in its relief, mean that these climate characteristics are consistent across the island. 

    Formentera has a unique and captivating geography, with a surface area of 83.2 km2 and a coastline of 69 km. The maximum altitude is 192 metres in Sa Talaïassa, a point located on La Mola plateau. Its gentle climate gives rise to Mediterranean vegetation, which combines areas of dunes with pine and juniper forests, coniferous trees that give the island personality. 

    Interesting geographical information 

    • Surface area: 83.2 Km2 
    • Coastline: 69 Km
    • Maximum height: 192 metres (La Mola)